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Welcome To The Original & World Famous, The Shark Storm Monster Truck Is Our Star Sponsered Monster Truck!

Start Your Engines, Find Truck Events Near You & Don't Miss The Shark Storm Monster Truck!

You like trucks partner ? We do to. We have met so many at Truck Events we have either sponsored or assisted with and we are quite overwhelmed at all the great folks out there. If you have attended one of our events. We thank ya kindly and  if have yet to meet. We will see you at the Truck Event Partner!

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If you like loud, noisy or  thunderous trucks kicking up mud or flying through the air & even exciting action with Trucks Crushing Cars. Your Truck Event Site will be your new home on the World Wide Web! 

Your Truck Event Site Has Truck Fun For All Sizes Of Trucks, Little Trucks To Big Massive Monster Trucks !

El Matador Monster Truck doing Donuts For A Sold Out Crowd!

El Matador Smokin Tires & Doin Donuts For Thousands!

Or catch up with the Stone Crusher Monster Truck having a great time and kicking up the dust on a sunny afternoon with Donuts of his own!

Kickin Up The Dust With The Stone Crusher Monster Truck!

Catching Up With Some Serious Trucks From The Truck Pullin Scene, This is Doe Runner from Valdosta Georgia. This is one serious Chevy S-10 setup for truck pull action !

Doe Runner Valdosta, Georgia !

Check out this Chevrolet Motor that gives this truck one serious heartbeat !

That's Why They Call It The Heartbeat Of America !

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If like Chevy Trucks. We have another really serious Truck Pullin Special Here. It's Hook' n Up from Screven, Georgia. This truck has a multi tone metallic paint job that is unbelievable to see in person.
Hookin Up, One Sharp Lookin Truck !

It's one good looking truck with plenty of pulling power under the hood !

The Motor does not even fit in the hood it's so big !

We have Never Enough, One Serous Chevy Truck that sports one really nice custom graphics job and of course this truck can pull it's weight and a whole lot more !

Never Enough Chevy Truck !

This is the Talk N Back Chevy Creation. It is a Red Chevy with one whole lot of detailed customization.

Great Flame Graphics !

Without saying one can see the graphics job on this Chevy is outstanding with it's flames down the side as shown below

Talk n Back

Coming to the nose in the front featuring cat eyes where the headlights would normally be. This is real detail in a truck pull event event vehicle. Our compliments to the artist on this one.

Look The That Eye, This Is One Sharp Looking Truck !

Here is an oldie goldie Chevrolet. It's the Flying Buzzard with a nice graphics decal job.

This truck owner has put some effort in the creation of this Power Pullin Chevy Truck that it is today. Check out this Flying Buzzard Graphic.

Is He Carrying A Dead Ford ?

It looks like our buzzard is carrying away a dead Ford Truck. What are we to think about this ?

It might be an older truck on the skin but it definitely sports some modern technologies in the workings of it's motor.

How about this Ford Truck from Plymouth ,Florida. It's name is Stampede. It sports a really great looking paint and graphics job and of course it has plenty of power under it's hood for its truck pull event excitement it was built to generate.

Stampede from Plymouth, Florida.

You want power & you want a Super Duty Ford to deliver ? Stampede was built Super Ford Tough !

We look forward to bringing you all the best excitement from the smallest mug bog inn's or any type of mud boggin event all the way up to the most Major Monster Truck Sports. 

Speaking of Major Monster Trucks! Your Truck Event Site has enjoyed such success online. We are taking it on the Road. The good news is we may be coming to your very own City Real Soon. may be coming to your Home Town Soon!

Truck Event has enjoyed meeting all the great folks we have been working with online and we are hitting America's Highways to share the Fun & Enthusiasm of, Be on the lookout for our Big Truck Rigs on the Interstates, Highways and maybe even in your own Home Town Soon!

Check Out The X-Treme Delivery Monster Mail Truck He Powers Through Tough Terrain showing off his ultimate tough road delivery vehicle. Catch X-Treme Delivery when you can as he always gives a great great show!

We Go To The X-Treme To Get It Delivered! 

Captures The Action For Millions At Your Truck Event !

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Let's Keep On Truckin !

Welcome to the National Truck Event Site. What is this Truck Event site all about ? Well partner. We will just leave that one up to you. We love trucks as you do. With more sites than you could swing a rattlesnake at on the Internet and you wound up here. That is why you are here just like us. What can we say other than we love trucks just as you do. We are most excited about getting out on the road with our New U.S. Tour and meeting so many of you around the Country. We will be touring with up and coming stars like Shark Storm, The Monster Truck plus many other upcoming superstars on Truck Events and the Monster Truck Circuit we have scheduled so far. There are just so many cool things you can do with a truck. Where do we begin ? This site is intended to be a celebration of one of our great American pastimes and even obsessions. Big, Loud & Even Dirty Trucks ! It's all in a day's fun for us. There is a bunch on this site so take your time & Take In All The Truck Event Fun! First on our site. We have featured for you the ever popular and highly requested Gunslinger 4x4 from Bushnell, Florida Driven By Scott Hartsock below. This is a really great looking truck that effortlessly crushes long rows of cars with a great show for all in attendance at this Truck Event.

The Famous Gunslinger Monster Truck Ready For It's Showdown !Monster Truck Car Smashing Action With The Gunslinger Monster Truck!

Up now we have a couple of pictures for you. First it's the 575 ci. custom built power plant in the Earth Pounding and High Flyer King Krunch Monster Truck driven by David Smith from the Lone Star State Of Texas. He is originally from the City of Houston and now resides in Spring, Texas. Also part of this great team. We also have a picture of the awesome El Matador Chevy Monster Truck Driven by Daren Basl originally from Salem, Oregon & now living in Magnolia, Texas. Both of these Thundering 4wd Monster Beast Trucks will always give you a great show!

King Krunch Monster Truck In Car Crushing Action!El Matador Monster Truck Pounding Those Cars To Shreads!

 Next on the site we have the highly popular and requested Instigator Monster Truck from Kissimmee, Florida Driven by Lionel Easler getting ready for some hard pounding Monster Truck action. Driver/Owner Lionel Easler takes his prize winning Instigator Monster Truck into the air for the total & certain destruction of the row of junk cars at this Truck Event! It goes unsaid that our Ford Trucks always do very well at most Truck Events we visit, sponsor or are involved with. We are also going to see some great action from Chevy and Dodge Trucks plus who knows what else the cat may drag in ?

The Instigator Is Ready For Some Car Crushing Action ! Up In The Air & Car Crunchin Fun With The Instigator!

Let's Fire Up Those Engines & Let the Truck Event Begin !

Is the noise too loud for you partner ? You are probably in the wrong place my friend. We like em big and we like em loud. This site is all about loud thundering trucks and the great times that go along with them. We will be taking you on a tour of Monster Trucks, Back into the woods for real old fashioned Country Bog In's and a whole slue of other good old fashioned American traditions with our Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge and maybe even a peek or two at some of the Japanese Import Trucks. Them, there Japanese boys keep thinking they are going to teach us a thing or two about trucks with their Nissans & Toyotas. Now our big three might have a have few problems in our present economy. None of these big Three will ever have problems in the Hearts & Minds of each and every real red blooded American Citizen out there. Chevy didn't call it the Heartbeat Of America for nothin don't you know.

Grab Your Boots & Get Ready For A Wild Ride at the Truck Event !

Here on your Truck Event site. It's about to get rough out there. It's gonna be a real feeding frenzy because we have the Shark Storm Monster Truck here on your Truck Event site and it will be with us on our Nationwide Road tour around the United States. The Storms Came, The Sharks Came. Just when we thought it was safe again. Neither us or our cars will ever be safe from the Shark Storm Monster Truck. It's the original Shark Biting Monster Truck Action Of Shark Storm featured here on your Official National Truck Event Site. It's the Monster Truck that looks like a Shark, He sure eats cars like one too! You saw him first here your One & Only World Famous, See him in your area soon. Hey somebody find this guy some more cars to crush and hopefully not ours!

The Storms Came & The Sharks Followed. We Will Never Be Safe With The Shark Storm Monster Truck! See It In Your Area Soon.

The Shark Storm Eats Cars For Lunch !

Let's give a Truck Event warm welcome to the Shark Storm Monster Truck Racing Team and the Shark Storm Monster Truck. We are about to have a whole lot of Monster Truck fun here on the site with all the great Truck Event shows to come. You wanna keep your eyes peeled for this fella in your neck of the woods there partner.

Some folks out there just would not trade their Mopar Dodge for anything in the World. When you look at how this really sharp looking Mopar Magic Monster Truck Currently Driven by Rick Ownley from Elizabeth City, North Carolina and how effortlessly he makes it fly through the air just like a bird. I guess I can understand why some would not trade their Dodge Truck for anything.

Mopar Magic Dodge Truck Flys To Victory !We might even have a few problems along the way.

Like all folks in life, we have our success stories and our setbacks. It was definitely a bad day for this Dodge Dakota at this truck event above. Some folks just don't seem to know which way they want to go like our great friend Driver, Owner & Operator Tom Meents from Paxton, Illinois here in the famous and high performance Maximum Destruction Monster Truck below. It's not a camera trick, He Really Is Driving On His Side & He Righted Himself Again Too! (Don't Try This At Home!)

No this is not a camera trick. He Really Is Driving On His Side !

All of here at your Truck Event site just have tons of fun with big trucks, little trucks and probably anything in between. You just never know what to expect at your local Truck Event and here with you can probably say that more times than you could possibly throw a tire at!

What do we have up next below ? It's the Original Redneck Taxi Monster Truck and this crazy fellow will be making appearances on our Road Tour. He was thrown out of the for hire Taxi business for playing games with the meter in his cab. Now He Just Drives Right Over Regular Taxi Cabs. Who has the last laugh here! Big Trucks like we said are not the only only things you might find on the road with us. We have several 4 Wheeler Power Sports teams bringing out their most Fierce 4 Wheelin High Horsepower Vehicles for your fun too! 

The Original Redneck Taxi, He Does Not Get Stuck In Traffic, He Just Goes Over It!Wild 4 Wheeler Excitement At Your Local Truck Event Too!

Trucks are a whole World of fun. Look At the Stone Crusher Monster Truck below Driven By Steve Sims from Virginia Beach, Virginia totally demolish those cars. It's wild & it's crazy, but hey it's so American partner. It's another Truck Event here in the United States Of America !

Look At Stone Crusher In Its Role As The Car Crusher !

Here is another look at our friend driving the Maximum Destruction Monster Truck. Is it a Truck ? Is it a car ? He calls it a futuristic S.U.V. We don't know what to call it. With the combination of one very skilled driver it certainly performs stunts simply not to be believed. Driver Tom Meents always offers an unforgettable performance. He of course won on this Truck Event & we give you a few more pictures of both his truck and his wild antics behind the wheel and even on top of his own truck.


Is It A Truck, Is It A Car ? What Is It ? It's Certainly A Show !Maximum Destruction Monster Truck 

The bottom left picture shows the Maximum Destruction Monster Truck in flight which it does exceptionally well. In the bottom right photo below. Tom Meents is actually riding on the top of his own Truck while it is rolling. The powers that be finally hit the remote safety kill switch required on all Monster Trucks in public exhibitions stalling his truck. It was unreal while it lasted. Don't try this at home folks! This was a great show and this was a Truck Event to remember!

If you find this Truck. You are in for quite a show. Here Is Maximum Destruction In Flight!Driver Tom Meents Is Riding On Top Of His Truck While It Is Running!

Monster Trucks are the fastest growing power sport here in America and with scenes like this you can easily tell why. Just One Look at the Famous Grave Digger Monster Truck below and you will be hooked on all the thrills and excitement of Monster Truck action. This truck is one of the most famous today in Monster Truck excitement and is the product of a long evolutionary line of these vehicles dating back to 1981 with it's original predecessor being created in Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina by the creator and it's original Driver Dennis Anderson. Today Dennis Anderson has employed 6 other drivers to carry on this famous legacy of Monster Truck Racing. These Drivers are Paubo Huffaker, Charlie Paukin, Gary Porter, Rod Schmidt, Randy Brown & Chad Tingler. This is the team that has made Grave Digger one of the most famous Monster Truck Icons. The rest is history. 

The World Famous Grave Digger Monster Truck, Look At Him Fly !

See The Grave Digger Live!The Grave Digger Monster Truck Is One Powerful Monster Truck!

The Grave Digger Incredible Monster Truck Easily Smashes Cars To Tiny Shreads!

Folks please welcome to out tour line up from Indiana. It's X-Treme Delivery and their goal is to take it to x-tremes and once you see some of the crazy antics this far out mail style truck gets up to. Well what can we say other than the thought of delivering mail will just never be the same. As they say take it, take it to the X-Treme! You will agree when you catch this great wild and crazy Mail Delivery Styled Monster Truck on your Truck Event tour. Chad from the X-Treme Delivery Truck Team reminds you to say thanks to your local postal worker and to support your local postal workers union!

It's X-Treme Delivery, Your Monster Sized Mail Truck Taking It To The X-Treme In Truck Event Fun!

Look partner we don't want to go gettin too ahead of ourselves here now. Monster Trucks are great fun and a big thrill for hundreds of millions today. is dedicated to bringin you all sorts of truck fun from little trucks to big uns. A lil Mud Bog In to the extreme Truck Sport Action.

It's Here Now On Your Truck Event Site! CLICK To See The Pudding Creek Mud Bog Held In Perry, Florida! 

Wanna Get dirty With Us? CLICK To See All The Fun In The Mud!

If you want all the Fun of a Truck Event in your own home or you play or have heard about the Microsoft Monster Truck Madness Game. CLICK HERE is the banner below to join us we have a look a this really terrific & fun Monster Truck Video Game Available for P.C. or home video games. We Even Have A FREE Non Expiring Version of this game You Can Download To Play on your P.C. at home when you are not out on the road with us Truck Events in your area.

Join Us For A Look At Monster Truck Madness Or Even Get The Game For FREE As A Reader On

There is just so much fun to be had with trucks. A Truck Event in your City is almost sure to be a hit regardless of how large or how small your town or place to hold an event might be. is here to help and partner we are more than happy to lend a hand to help you build your own truck excitement. We are interested in everything to do with trucks from the teenager who is tinkering with their first truck they bought by flippin burgers to the most elaborate budget monster trucks and everything in between. If you are an event organizer or trying to pull off your own Truck Event in your own neck of the woods. Truck Boggs or any type of Truck Event is news & fun for us. Partner you just found your new best friend. For some reason or another it seems many folks just wanna make everything so dang difficult here in the World for some dang harebrain reason or another. Here on we just want to make life more simple once again. We really want to be a part of your Truck Event, Backwoods Bog In or whatever you might have cookin up & Sponsor it here for you. We kindly share the name so that all in the USA may partake in the fun times enjoyed with Trucks!

Your Official Truck Event Site Is Hitting The Open Highway. Who Knows? We May Be Coming To Your Area Soon!

We are gettin ready to hit the Road with our own Official Truck Event National Tour. We will be bringing a few trucks of our own around the United States and looking to sponsor or promote quite a few more. We have tons of Fun with all the Loud, Dirty & Totally Outrageous Fun with the many great Trucks & our wonderful sponsors here on, We thank the Ford Motor Company, Chevrolet & Dodge Trucks for their warm & gracious support of our brand of fun here on your Official National Truck Event Site. We have so many Great FREE Prizes to give away including T-Shirts, Hats, Bags and all sorts of great stuff on our first ever road tour. We could not have done it without all the help and support of our sponsors and of course our great fans at home who enjoy and make it what has become today! Truck Event Tickets will be affordable and we are trying to make it accessible to almost anyone who wants to enjoy our brand of Truck fun just like us. We will have some Monster Trucks including our featured sponsored Shark Storm Monster Truck, Quite a few other hot rod and interesting rides who decided to tag along for the ride.

Trucks are the Great American Pride and we are ready to have a ball out on the open road with the massive undertaking of bringing shows to your area. Who knows Partner? We might even be coming to your City Soon!

 Thanks For Visiting & Keep On Truckin!

Check Back Soon.

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Any type of automotive Truck Fun Is Welcome On Your National Truck Event Site!

King Krunch Monster Truck Crunching Cars Flat!

We are really most excited about our exclusive sponsorship agreement with rising up and coming Monster Truck Star, Shark Storm The Monster Truck. It Crushes Cars with the best of them. We have it here on and we hope you get a chance to see it's Live & Lethal Biting Action here on your official National Truck Event Site. Cars don't stand a chance when the Shark Storm decides to feed!

Once again we are interested in all types of Trucks and all types of Truck Event Activities. We have so many quite generous and very low cost advertising opportunities available here on your National Truck Event site.

If you want to do a Truck Event right. It should be featured here on

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Here is a different kind of Truck Event we recently featured in North Georgia.

The New Ford Transit High Efficiency Service & Delivery Vehicle.

 Everyone who came out and test drove the All New Ford Transit High Efficiency Service & Delivery Vehicle that you can customize for almost any service, route or delivery application. This Van offers a whopping 22 MPG in the City & 25 Miles Per Gallon On The Highway. The purchase price is most reasonable too. Those who came could sign up to win a FREE 6 Month Lease on the all New 2010 FORD Taurus.

The All New 2010 Ford Taurus!

It was all a terrific success here with your official Truck Event Site!  

We have had a whole lot of excitement on the Famous Chevy Silverado, Dodge Ram or Ford F Series Pickups here on your Truck Event Site. There are Even quite a few who believe that your Hummer H are the absolute way to go in a Truck. Which Trucks do you like?

Chevy Trucks Are The Heartbeat Of America!

Ram Tough Trucks On Your Truck Event Site!

Built Ford Tough & They Can Find It On!

We find the Hummer H2 to be quite popular in the Truck World Too!

Nothing Hums Along Like A Hummer H Truck !

Even Import Trucks have been featured on Truck Event with various promotions. Nissan & Toyota have started to build some pretty serious Trucks Partner. The Titan & The Tundra are enjoyed by quite a few here in America too.

The Nissan Titan Can Be One Serious Truck !

The Toyota Tundra say's bring on the competition!

If you are looking once again to anything that might have a Truck theme to it. It simply needs to be on this site if you want to do it right. We have tons of Truck enthusiast looking all the time for everything to do with trucks from Simple Mug Boggs to elaborate truck shows. 

Traditional advertising is way to expensive and this we agree on. This is the new high performance Truck Event site that is based on providing high visibility access for very low cost to our advertisers.

We hope you like our site and if like Trucks like we do. We hope you will want to share this with your friends just like we do. If you have a myspace, facebook, your own site or other social networking site.

Please Add our Banner To Your Site, Thanks Partner !

Please add our little banner as seen here to your site with a link back to and we would kindly appreciate this. Thanks Partner ! is here and ready to bring you all the truck excitement from all over the United States. Exciting New Advertising Sponsorship Packages are coming soon. This site will work anywhere in the World regardless where you live in the U.S.A. We are even developing quite a few very excited readers from Canada. We give you a warm welcome to the Truck Event Folks Wherever You See Exciting Truck Action or Truck Event Promoters Who Will Need To Have your event front & center for Truck Event Action fans around the World.. We now seem to have a growing readership in the UK and various places within Europe as well. Truck Event is here to get your Truck Fan Interest message out fast! If it has to do with big Truck action and excitement. It should be on your National Truck Event Site

Truck Event Can easily showcase Spectacular High Performance Monster Trucks Like, Maximum Destruction, Mopar Magic, Stone Crusher, Instigator, Gunslinger & Even The World Famous Grave Digger. We are now ready to showcase your Trucks & Your Own Local Truck Event here on the World Famous & Original

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See Our Section on & Take Advantage of our review and your chance to take advantage of a FREE Download of the Famous Monster Truck Madness 2 Game right here on Between the 2 versions you can enjoy action from Monster Trucks, Big Foot, Bearfoot, Firestone  Wilderness, Black Stallion, Boogey Van, Carolina Crusher, Monster Patrol, Bret "The Hit Man" Heart, Bulldozer, Nitemare, Executioner, Snake Bite, Stinger, Hollywood Hogan, The Outsiders, Rampage, The Patriot, (Beta Version Only) Grave Digger, Overkill, Rampage, Samson, Power Wheels &  Wildfoot. It's Down & Dirt Race Action With The Monster Truck Madness Racing Action Games.

The Base Of A Serious Monster Truck Starts With Popular Military Surplus Truck Axles. This is a common site at many Truck Events!

Monster Trucks are so much fun and quite the commitment for those who endeavor to operate them. These trucks are usually around 12 feet tall and about 12 feet wide. The Horsepower on these beast come in at usually around about 1500 - 2000 HP on the high end and some are as low as around 700 or 800 horsepower which is still nothing to underestimate. Higher Horsepower motors will cost more to both build and to operate. Monster Trucks are often racing alcohol fuel powered and use conventional gasoline only to start the engine. Monster Trucks can soar up to distances of about 130 feet or about 36 feet in the air under this massive power. The suspension modifications are not to be believed and your axle kit in many of the big stars are 5 ton military surplus truck axles for both the rear steering and the front steering axle. The tires are usually 66 inch or 67" in height or 66x43x25 as a typical size and cost just under $2000,00 each on average with a short expected lifespan in live truck performance & training track work. These tires weigh over 800 lbs. each. The Trucks weigh in at least 10,000 lbs and are typically around 12,000 or even 13,000 in weight depending upon axles and suspension. 

Take a Look At This Great Truck That Tends To Turn Up At Quite A Few Truck Events we cover. It's The Navy Seal Team Truck! It's a fantastic display brought to you by your very own United States Navy.

Go Navy, It's The Naval Seal Team Truck!

The Local Fair in town is always a whole lot of fun and we now work with many Fairs and their celebrations of rough, rowdy, wild & dirty Truck Fun. If you want to see the Nations Largest Fair Discount Site to see if you can find any deals on your own local Fair. Check Out

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