Come On Out To The Perry Mud Bog In Perry, Florida !

The Pudding Creek Mud Bog 2011, 2012 Located In Perry, Florida

The Perry Mug Bog In Is A Big Hit In North Florida With Thousands & Thousands!

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Locals From Perry & Many From Everywhere Around The USA!

Many ask how they keep it fresh & muddy for all the Mud Bog Fun? How about a supply of never ending fresh water to keep all the lake edges in a soupy state guaranteed to make the biggest trucks slip and slide every direction or the other.

Every Lake Has It's Own Mud Maker!

This place has it down on the recipe for great Mud Fun! Every body of water has it's own natural Mud Generator. What's the forecast on this Truck Event ? It's going to be clear blue skies and very muddy today!

Some believe in taking no chances in getting stuck like this mud cruiser with army tank style tracks!


Enjoy our pictures of some of the Truck Fun here at the Perry, Florida Pudding Creek Mud Bog.

Mud, Mudd & Even More Muddd! The Mud Boggers Paradise!

Captures The Action For Millions At Your Truck Event !

When Are The Next Pudding Creek Mud Bogs?

The Mud Festivals In Perry Begin On The Saturday With Access On The Friday Before For Setup & Camping Spot Establishment and to help everyone get organized and placed for the weekend's exciting Truck Action Officially Beginning On Saturday & Running Through Sunday!

Admission Prices For The Next Pudding Creek Mud Bog In Perry, Florida Are

$30.00 For The Friday Pre-Event Setup With The Truck Bog Beginning On Saturday & Running Through Sunday,  Note: There Is A Sunday Only 1 Day $20.00 Admission Per Person For Sunday 1 Day Admission. All Coming On Saturday Must Pay The $30.00 Weekend Rates.

Upcoming Perry Mud Bogg Events Include 

Spring Perry Mud Bog, March 9th Camping Pre-Event Setup with the Bog Beginning On Saturday March 10th continuing on Sunday Sunday March 11th, 2012

Fall Perry Mug Bog In October 2012, Camping Pre-Event Setup On October 26th with the Bog Beginning On Saturday October 27th and continuing on Sunday October 28th 2012

For the length & duration of activities from a value per dollar perspective. This is one of your best Truck Event Values You Will Find In The South! Enjoy Your Truck Event Fun At The Perry Mud Bog Event. Price Includes Fees For Camping If You Like!

Your National Truck Event Site Welcomes You To Perry, Florida & We Hope You Enjoy The Warm Southern Hospitality Of Perry!

How do you find The Pudding Creek Mud Bog In Perry Florida ? Follow These Easy Directions Below! 

The Mud Bog is held just outside of Perry Florida off of Hwy 19/27 South off of South Redpadgett Road which is only about a mile from the main highway. This property is several hundred acres consisting of several bodies of water or constant water fed lakes which make up around 40 acres of the property. 

The address just South of Perry is 6609 South Red Padgett Road, Perry, FL 32348 Here are the directions to the Truck Mudd Bogg from the middle of town in Perry and heading South. If You Drive Away from town on Highway 27S or 19S. 

Go Away From Town On Highway 27/19 South.

Travel about 3 miles from town. Look on the Left Side For A Sunoco Station Formerly the Gas-Mart On Your Left-hand Side of the highway. This is a landmark for your convenience and to let you know that you are getting close to your turnoff.

Continue Past The Sunoco Station South On 19/27

 You will continue South Past This Sunoco and at about 2.9 miles from this station, LOOK on your left side very closely and you will find the sign on the Left that says "S REDPADGETT" All as one word on the sign.

Heading South Away From Perry Turn Left on South Redpadgett Road.

It is very easy to miss and to pass by so I am sharing this with you partner. Keep your eyes open for this sign as you leave town after you pass the Sunoco on the left and then you are about 2.9 miles to South Red Padgett Road. You will TURN LEFT on South Red Padgett Road (The Sign Is Small & Somewhat Difficult To See Heading South On The Highway) and you will see a Big Red Antenna Tower from the 27/19 Highway.


As you TURN LEFT, you will travel about exactly a mile on South Redpadgett and and The Perry Mud Bog will be on your left. It is fairly visible and fairly obvious as you approach the gate entry area.  

View Of Main Gate Entrance To The Perry Mud Bog!

Good luck & Enjoy The Mudd Boggin Fun! 

Mud Bog at Pudding Creek off South Red Padgett Road, Perry, FL. Contact John Knight for more info @ 850-371-2525

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Wheelie Poppin Fun At The Perry Mud Bog!A Family Portrait Moment In The Mud!

It's Southern Style All-American Family Fun at its finest! The Perry Mud Bog is the largest Mud Bog In Type Event held in the Northern Region of Florida and we give it high marks for being a really outstanding self guided Fun Truck Event! Our photo staff had a blast and met some of the nicest people and experienced some of the warmest hospitality Taylor County, Fl. could possibly offer. 

The mud pond bog-in lakes here at the Mud Bog are roughly a few inches up to around 6 feet deep and even a little deeper in a few places to which many a stuck truck owner will confirm. Pudding Creek is well known to all the truck enthusiast in the area. So why do they call it this? There are actually several answers on this. Just one look at the top picture and this question is quickly answered for you on one obvious answer.

Just Add Water!

So Do You Like Mud ? It Looks Like Puddin Creek To Me!

The Mud Festival In Perry, Florida is a big hit with thousands and thousands. One visit to the this spectacular mud bogg event is all it will take to convince you. As you drive up on the Mud Bog in Perry. You will hear it before you see it. Some of the engines are as loud as the loudest race tracks since most of the off roaders are running only open headers for their exhaust systems. You will hear the roar of the massive truck engines long before you will see them due to the high number of people at these Bog Inn Events. Many come from far away and nearby to partake in all the fun & festivities of the Pudding Creek Mud Bog. You will have the very serious enthusiast with a small fortune tied up in their trucks and those just out to have a little fun.

The well prepared Suburban operator was determined not to let the muddy pudding of Pudding Creek devour his truck at this Truck Event! 

Pudding Creek Is Not Going To Have This Powerful Suburban For Lunch Today!

Some Of These Truck Enthusiast Seem To Be Well On The Way To Redefining The Family Car!

Is It Grandma Coming For Thanksgiving? No It's One Very Wild & Capable Cadillac Escalade Mud Bogger!Quad Cab, Larger Tires, Extra Seating & Even An Extra Axle, What More Could You Ask For?

You never quite know what to expect at this spectacular mud bogg and that's part of the fun of it. There is no script and no performance order as with many staged shows. It's only great folks who have decided to make themselves comfortable for the weekend and what happens beyond there is anybody's guess. The only thing we can tell you to expect is lot's of mud, smiling faces and just good ol' fashioned down and dirty fun!

It's A Real Family Affair With Small & Large Trucks Enjoying The Fun & Enjoying The Mud!Great Times Are Ahead In This Mud For All Who Attend! 

Everyone works together quite well in assisting whoever with whatever mechanical or terrain problems they may be encountering with their trucks in the challenges that await within these waters at the Famous Perry Mud Bog in Perry, Fl.

These Muddy Waters Show No Mercy To Those Who Boldly Attempt To Defy Them !Trucks Large & Small Get Stuck In Pudding Creek!

You can see this GMC with a very nice custom graphics job powering out of the swampy waters of Pudding Creek and the Chevy Blazer on the right doing a great job at making his own homemade pudding here at the Perry Mud Bog. 

It's All The Mud You Can Handle & Then Some!

Puddin Creek Is No Sweat For This Monster GMC Mudder With The Great Custom Graphics Job!We Are Mixin Up Our Own Puddin Here At Puddin Creek!

You will see almost every type of Truck Imaginable from Your Smallest Daily Driver Out To Your Monster Sized Extreme Mud Bog Truck All Out Having A Great Time Here At The Pudding Creek Mud Bog.

Little Trucks ToBig Trucks, They All Get Stuck In Pudding Creek !

It makes for great fun watching how the operators of these specialty off road vehicles handle the adversities that present themselves. Pudding Creek offers a test of ability from the stock truck weekend enthusiast out to have a little fun or the person who builds their own mudd bogging vehicle from parts out of the scrap yard or even the professionals who obviously have a good bit of their earnings tied up in their pride and joy truck bog inn type vehicles.

The Waters Of Pudding Creek Are Both Great Fun & Filled With Challenge For All Types Of Trucks At This Truck Event!Regardless Of Size, The Waters Of Pudding Creek Will Swallow Almost Any Truck!

If you do get stuck which you probably will. Many of these vehicles are quite well equipped and more than willing to lend a hand or their tow line to a fellow truck enthusiast. You will see everybody working together quite well to help each other out during the activities at this Perry Bog In. These Ford F-150 Trucks below seem to be doing quite well throughout the day.

This Mud Does Not Stop This Ford Tough Truck !Built Ford Tough & We Can Do It!

This friendly soul below is pulling out 2 vehicles together at one time. Of course if you really get into trouble in these muddy waters. They always have the heavy equipment ready to pull you out if you absolutely need it.

1 Big Truck Pulling 2 Out Together !This Will Certainly Get You Out Of The Mud!

There was plenty of mud fun for all at the Pudding Creek Mud Bog held in Perry, Fla. This well built Ford F-350 was having a great time and pulling out many during their visit to this spectacular Truck Event. This little Suzuki on the right was going to show that while it might be a smaller truck. It is definitely big on horse power. Look at this amazing shot as he defies the indisputable quick sand effect of pudding creek on almost every truck she meets.

Built Ford Tough & Helping Out All Weekend!Little On Size, But Big On Power!

Quick, Take Cover, Whoooossshhh It's A Major Mud Splash. Our Photo Team found themselves making this maneuver many times here at the Perry Truck Bog.

Whoooossshhh, Watch Out For The Mud At This Bog Inn!

Many of these bogg trucks rival the largest Monster Trucks in sheer size and weight. Some of the horsepower outputs on these bog truck motors will rival them as well. 

Any Type Of Truck You Like Can Be Found At The Perry Mud Bog!This Serious Dodge Mud Bogger Is Quite Serious!

If it can be made into a monster type or serious mud bogg in vehicle. You will probably find it at the Perry Mud Bog. Some of these folks will make a monster mud bogger out of almost anything. Here we have a Dodge Magnum Station Wagon & a Chrysler PT Cruiser. How are these for redefining the Family Car ? Do They Have Cup Holders?

Dodge Magnum Mud Bogger ?How About This For The New Family Chrysler PT Cruiser ?

Smaller Mud Bogger to the serious budget custom built trucks. Everybody had a great time. We did notice some of the smaller or more simple mudd bogg vehicles were doing quite well against the big boys. This Army Jeep below was ready for duty through high waters and all. The Little Suzuki shown here below was also not to be outdone by some of his big brother rival monster bogg trucks! He held his own quite well throughout the day.

Reporting For Duty Sir!This Is Why They Call It Pudding Creek!

Overall the Pudding Creek Mud Bogs Are A Phenomenal Success. They usually go off without a hitch, Well we can't quite say that because obviously there were plenty of trailer and pulling hitches there. (Pardon The Pun Partner!) We know you know what we mean though. A great time was had by all. We look forward to doing it all again at the next Pudding Creek Mud Bog. They say this is one of the largest Mud Bog Truck Events this part of the United States, We couldn't agree more. For some of the best off road and even southern family fun. Just add water! 

We hope you have enjoyed our coverage of the Pudding Creek Mud Bog in Perry, Florida. Make plans to join their next Truck Event. You can find it all here and more on

Bring Your Family Out For A Fun Filled Weekend At The Perry Mud Bog In!

Team Fishbump from the Wakulla, Florida area were there with several trucks and a whole lot of Family Fun!

A great time was probably had by every person in attendance and how they chose to have that fun is a very individual choice as well.

This man here in a Pudding Creek Mud Lake is coming to the realization that he just might be stuck.

I Think I Might Be Stuck In The Mud.

The ladies with him are quick to agree they are definitely stuck in the mud.

The girls agree they are definitely stuck in the mud! Pudding creek is merciless in what trucks it decides to hang onto to for awhile! It all works out though and more great times are waiting for them after they get out of the water. What will they do once they are pulled out? Of course It will be right back into the mud as with everyone here at the Perry Mud Bog!

Everyone's idea of fun was very individualized here at this great Truck Event. We have shown you some of the biggest & baddest of the event. How about the shape of the Family Minivan to come for the South. This Chevy Lumina APV is truly a family effort and was built for the kids of the family to have something really special to have a really great time with. We think they more than succeeded with this custom monster mud build!

Chevy Lumina APV Minivan, What Will They Think Of Next? It's A Homegrown Creation Here In Perry, Florida!

This next one below gets our vote for the most unique. What is it? Is it a Camaro? Is It A Trailer? Is It Pieced Out Of A Little Of Everything Somebody Might Have Around ? Yes to all of the above. It appears to be a Chevy Camaro body for the passenger area on a trailer as part of the frame with a little of this and that welded together and they have an original creation. What ever you want to call it. Overall it did quite well for it's owners at this Puddin Creek Truck Event.

What Is It ?

This is the power plant and heartbeat of this Chevy Camaro body vehicle. It appears to be a GM 6 Cylinder which would be popular on many Camaro's of this era. Whatever you want to call it. We give it high marks for it's performance for it's owners.

Now let's get into the spirit of the day. Some of these folks are really looking for the perfect family car to let every member of the family enjoy all the day's fun at the Pudding Creek Mud Bog.

Chevrolet Chevelle

This Classic Chevy Chevelle Monster Mudder Is Taking Advantage of That Free Car Wash at this Truck Event. Hey Can I Get A FREE Car Wash Ticket Too?

Out For A Nice Stroll In The Mud, These Girls Are Having A Ball With It!

These high riding family vehicles can go through the mud with the best of them keeping the whole family high, dry and out of the mud.

Enjoy Mudding While Staying Up & Out Of The Mud!

This High Roller Was Having A Great Time !

Enjoying Our Nice Family Ride In The Mud!

While we are on the topic of Family Fun. Let's hope these youngin's don't get too out of hand for Mom & Dad as they settle their differences while waiting to get pulled out of the the mud.

Uh, Oh It's A Girl Fight In The Mud!

Take That !

Dad Joins The Fun !

Mom & The Rest Of The Family Wind Up In The Mud Too!

The parents took it all in stride as the girls worked out their differences with a good ol' fashioned Perry Mud fight at this Perry Mud Bog Truck Event. What do they say? The family that plays together stays together. Here is living proof and more great fun at the Perry Mud Bogg. Smiles were had by all who attended from all we saw.

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This group of girls are having a blast taking an improvised shower to clean off the mud after their play in the mud here at the Pudding Creek Mud Bog.

These Young Ladies Are Enjoying Their Shower !

All of this water and all of this mud makes the perfect recipe to get almost any truck stuck deep in the mud here at pudding creek regardless of the truck's size!